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 Sennen SkyWhere Kingfishers CallCerulean Sky 



Breda Holden      

 Contemporary Landscape Painter



Growing up in rural Ireland surrounded by wild boglands and wet lowlands has instilled in me a deep connection to the natural world. I strive to convey this connection in my work. The visual elements of colour, light and atmosphere are my main focus. 

My paintings aim to express a sense of seeing beyond the usual, often experienced when immersed in the landscape. I try to create a feeling of mystery, removed from the physical reality of the subject. Above all, I want to capture  the emotional energy evoked by my interaction with the forces of nature.

The wilds of Dartmoor, the River Dart and the coastline of the South West and Ireland are my inspiration. I am fascinated by how experiencing and observing the landscape and its ever changing elements connects us to nature and generates a sense of vitality, wonder and wellbeing.